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FNAF comic - Is that your third already?
Sass, a slightly drunk PG, and a lot of last-naming. Pretty much an adverage evening at Freddy's.
I posted this on amino yesterday.

FNAF (c) Scott Cawthon.
Artwork and interpretation of the characters belong to me.
Ask The nightwatch and Co Ask 15
Response to TheRealPurpleRabbit 's ask:

"Hey Afton/Vincent(whatever you prefer), got any animatronic ships? If so, can you tell us?"

Some background information on the response: He may be a serial killer, but even the worst draw the line somewhere. His is at shipping dead children. The dead adults ship themselves though, which he is indifferent to.

Leave asks here:

Previous ask:
Ask 14 (PuppetXjeremy) -

FNAF (c) Scott Cawthon
This artwork and interpretation of the characters belong to me
Ask The Nightwatch and Co Ask 14
Response to PuppetXjeremy's ask:

you know there is a pokemon red in america?"

Some background information on the response: Pokémon red wasn't released in America until 1998. This ask blog is set in 1996.

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Next ask:
Ask 15 (TheRealPurpleRabbit) -

Previous ask:
Ask 13 (PuppetXjeremy) -

FNAF (c) Scott Cawthon
This artwork and interpretation of the characters belong to me
Iris the revenant
Iris is my undertale OC, and she's a revenant. She went missing in the year 2007, and died later that week after falling down Mt Ebot. She's biologically 7, as that's the age she was when she died.

Didpite looking like a skeleton, she still has flesh in places. She prefers to hide her flesh under long sleeves and boots as the years have rotted away most of it anyway. Her hair is heald on by the remaining flesh on her scalp. She sustains what flesh she has left using what little magic she has, which is also the magic which sustains her soul and allows her to still exist

She's a shy and kind creature who is also rather sheltered and easily scared. (I'll add more details later)

Undertale (c) Toby Fox.
Iris belongs to me. CharaDreamer55 helped me design her.
Commissions queue:

Monthly request queue:
None. Next monthly request will be July.
Commissions for points are now open. Prices will vary from piece to piece, so send me a note if you wish to enquire.

I do have some rules on what I don't draw, but they should be obvious from looking at what I post.

Note: List of commission types has been extended to: Headshot (in example), 1/2 shot, 3/4 shot, full shot, with background. The more detail on the character, the more expensive. That's why at Inked artwork and beyond, there's a range of prices. The upper boundary is for those cases where a character is highly complex and requires immense amounts of detail to be recognisable and when they request a full length image.

Basic price guide for Level Of Detail:
Doodle: a very simple but neat sketch. 2 points.
Sketch: a more detailed sketch done in pencil. 5 points.
Inked artwork: similar to the sketch, but the outlines are done in black pen. No colour. 10 - 100 points depending on complexity.
Backgrounds can be ordered here onwards:
Greyscale: Inked, then coloured in pencil. Only colours will be greyscale colours. 50 - 250 points depending on complexity.
Coloured artwork: a drawing, that is inked, but flat colour only. 75-500 points depending on colours and complexity.
Full artwork: Coloured and shaded. 100 - 1000 points depending on colours and complexity.

How how much of the character you want drawn will effect the cost (relative guide.):
Headshot: 50 points for full artwork. 10 points for inked artwork.
1/2 length: 150 points for full artwork. 20 points for inked artwork.
3/4 length: 500 points for full artwork. 50 points for inked artwork.
Full length: 1000 points for full artwork. 75 points for inked artwork.

Examples (from my monthly requests):

March monthly request - XxQWAisCUTExX by PaigeLTS05 3/4 length. Full artwork.
April monthly request - Bravewolf11 by PaigeLTS053/4 length. Greyscale.

WILL VARY from person to person.

Send me a note if you're interested!

There will be a monthly request slot on status updates. First come first serve. Rules on the posts as they come, and please, leave a reference for the character when you enter the monthly request.

The queue will be in a different journal.
DISCLAIMER: This timeline is my timeline used in my AU. This is not my perception of the events that occur in the cannon, it's just for my AU. Also, FNAF (c) Scott Cawthon. Disclaimer over.

Note: I'm only going up to June 1987 so far {for the fully complete stuff} and will update it when I can. This stuff takes forever to plan how to write.

The events in my AU take place in Chicago unless stated otherwise.
1975: Fredbear's Family Diner is opened by Carla Mitty. Daniel Discord is the financial manager and Philip Guy and Ina Diego are the spring lock operators. It's a small business, and nothing really happens.

December1978: Vincent and Violet Taylor are abducted by Daniel Discord under the orders of a mysterious company known as 'The Joy Of Creation' (The twins parents actually planned this with the company as they work as hitmen there). Daniel orders the twins to kill a young boy who they'll find outside the restaurant. Violet refuses and is dragged out of the car by Daniels bodyguard - supplied to him by TJOC - and is took to the HQ. However, the bodyguard decides to shoot a Pidgeon on the way there, and upon hearing these gunshots, Vincent believes his sister has been killed, so agreed to kill the child, who is Carla's grandson, in hopes of one day being able to get revenge.

January 1979: Carla disappears and is found in a dumpster - dead - a week later, and management moves to Daniel. Due to this shift in management, Fazbear entertainment becomes a part of TJOC Foundation, despite major quarrels between Daniel and the head of the foundation due to Daniel's violent and unjust research methods. Phone Guy finds out about these events from his father, Philip, and writes an article on the mysterious set of murders for the school newspaper. Fredbear's shuts, but Fredbear and friends is currently under construction, so the employees are set to work 'elsewhere'.

1983: Fredbear and friends opens under the control of TJOC. Vincent Taylor is hired as a security guard and Philip starts recording some tapes on how to safely use the spring lock suits.

1984: 13th June, Ina Diego and Phillip Guy are both killed in spring lock accidents, turning them into Shadow Bonnie and Shadow Freddy respectively. Phone Guy is hired as his fathers replacement, and mimics his fathers voice to record one final tape.

1985: Phone Guy and Vincent Taylor find out they are possessed by Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie respectively. This is also when Phone Guy finds out the surname Vincent goes by - "Toast" - is a family alias, and his real last name is Taylor. Representatives from TJOC arrive at the location to get feedback on progress from Daniel. Phone Guy overhears this conversation on accident by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the TJOC representatives and Daniel spot him and capture him on the spot due to these representatives being in favour of how Daniel runs things and generally being on his side. After hours that night, Phone Guy is tortured by Daniel in order to keep him quiet about what he heard. Later that year, Freddy Fazbears Pizza opens.

June 1987: Vincent's sons birthday. The elder twin (Felix) forces the younger ones (Gerald) head into Fredbear's mouth, causing the bite of 87. The younger twin manages to recover after a few weeks in hospital and a lobotomy. Afterwards, at a 'birthday party', all five of the children involved in the bite are murdered after being lured into the safe room by Vincent who was wearing the Spring Bonnie suit. During the 'party', Phone Guy was supposed to be recording the party for one of the parents of the children, but when the children disappeared, he went to investigate. Upon reaching the safe room, he realises it smells of blood, so opens the door, and the second he sees the corpses, he closes the door immediately, runs, and calls the police.
This sparks an investigation into the locations, but aside from witness statements of the golden animatronic abducting the children and Phone Guys video camera, there is not enough evidence for anything to happen.

November 1987: The new Freddy Fazbears Pizza opens, and Fritz Smith takes the job as Nightwatch. After this night, Fritz notices something wrong with the animatronics, making them more violent that what he was told a first night should be like, as he knows some of the former and still working security guards of Freddy's, he starts to hack into the animatronics and realises that they've been tampered with. He manages to reset them, but one of the janitors spots him and gets him fired. Then, Jeremy takes the nightshift for the rest of the week to help pay for food as his PI career is failing. Meanwhile, Daniel is planning another set of murders to eliminate specific targets, little being known about why he chose them. Fritz, despite not working at Freddy's, returns to help Jeremy through his sixth night. The second set of murders causes the place to go into lockdown, and as a result lots of people - mainly children - to get locked in Freddy's. Phone Guy had to hide away in a small secret room which also has access to the left vent during the night. He's also trapped in there during the murders, and winds up having a mental breakdown.

Extra notes:
(TJOC foundation threaten that they will remove him from the foundation if the killings continue in late 1987. Fazbear entertainment is eventually removed and subsequently disappears in 1997.)


PaigeLTS05's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Hello, This is PaigeLikesTippingScales05, or PaigeLTS05 for short! I draw as a hobby, and I also have Pinterest and I've also got the FNAF amino app.
Fun fact about me: I'm an Atheist who celebrates Christmas because winter solstice and I can and no-one can tell me no because it's my life and I want to live it my way.

I have my own FNAF AU which I post here. My AU is a murder-mystery-crime-thriller sort of story with its own terrifying flair. This AU also touches on some sensitive topics such as torture and suicide, so any ships are just there to help things feel hopeful and more realistic. Also, despite the anime style, think corpse party and the like, because that's the level of violence you're in for.

All new and cannon things for the AU are on DA and the older models of comics, concept art and Works in progress are on Pinterest for you to discover! (But bear in mind those you'll find on PINTEREST are mainly old things if they aren't linked up here.) I also post things that are here on DA on the FNAF amino.
Also posting cosplay sometimes.
What are you waiting for?
Oh, and have a wonderful day.

Shameless self promotion: Ask the Night Watch and Co. If you have some time, leave an ask!
FNAF - Ask The Nightwatch and CO by PaigeLTS05

Second shameless self promotion: FNAF - Part time cop and journalist. I'm proud that I could draw the hat.
FNAF - Part time cop and journalist by PaigeLTS05

Also, commissions are open!
I will be doing commissions if anyone's interested. If you want a commission, send me a note, and we can discuss. There are set base prices, but they're just a guideline.

Art trades are also open. Drop me a note if you're interested.

Requests are not open. Requests can only be obtained via the monthly requests, or the 'other way' that I've told to those who this 'other way' can apply to.


Order of posting: 1, the FNAF amino (for fnaf art). 2, here (every time without a doubt). 3, Quizup (some pieces sometimes). Just in case anyone was confused/wanted to know.



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